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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."
By — Willa A. Foster

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Md's Desk

I Pradeep Azad, the man behind the organization have done graduation from Science field and later onMr. Pradeep Azad Managing Director U P Transformers (India) Private Limited Masters in Business Administration from the good old and famous Allahabad University. My father although being an Agriculture Scientist was a Beaurocrat (IAS) in the UP Government. During those days of 60s the life of a District Collector was very simple and of-course very very tough. Never heard about anything like the word corruption.

During my college days I visioned to set-up my own industrial unit and contribute to the nation in the modest and upright manner. In the initial stages of my career, I set-up a transformer manufacturing unit in partnership with a friend belonging to a Marwari business family. The line of thinking and policies of these persons never suited my mind set and I separated out from them to set-up my open transformer unit with the help of my close family. The thought in the mind was always to deliver the best – a product which should be the best in all respect and no question ever asked about the quality. On the other hand the scenario around me was completely opposite, where one could rise only by compromising with quality and satisfying people the other way round.

Since that day till date my vision has always been to deliver the best and although we could not achieve much by way of numbers nut whatever and to whoever we have supplied our transformers has always been a satisfied customer.

Having a science background and a degree in Business Administration, I could understand both sides of the business i.e. financial ability / technical competence very easily. A great urge inside me always made me learn the technical side of the industry. This way, I understood all the design and technical parameters of a transformer to such an extent that I have been capable to design my own transformers and have always been time and again participating in technical seminars.

To sum up, I am a satisfied technical entrepreneur, who feels that the vision / goal as been envisaged has been successfully achieved and our manufacturing unit has always been ca[able to delivering the best transformers.

A visitor to my office shall always find my table and room cluttered with various components of transformer rather than a neat and shining table of a Managing Director.

Mr. Pradeep Azad
Managing Director
U P Transformers (India) Private Limited
UP Transformers India Pvt. Ltd.
UPSIDC Industrial Area, Site – 2, Plot No. B1 - B2, Amawa Road, Raebareli  - 229316, UP, India
0535 2217110
+91 9415335102
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